How do Showings Work?

How do Showings Work?

How do showings work?

OK.  You are driving in your favorite neighborhood at 6PM, and there it is:  your dream house with a new for sale sign, and you want to see it right now!

Well, think again.  The owner, or tenant, may not be agreeable to that right now, because they are having dinner with some friends, or they are out, or they are taking a shower.  And maybe the pets have not been safely removed, or the alarm system is still activated. Or the neighbor across the street who is the president of the Neighborhood Watch, would just love to call someone because you are taking the liberty to walk around the property.  You get the picture.  Bottom line, you need to call your Realtor to set up a time, and it most likely will be tomorrow, or after tomorrow.  However frustrating that might be in a "on demand" world at your fingertips!

Keep in mind no one is really available 24/7, and everybody is busy doing things, now more than ever, thanks to smart phones, tablets and the likes. Your real estate professional will be more than happy to make that appointment for you ASAP, that will also work for the other parties concerned. But, most likely, your agent will also encourage you, for your own benefit, to look at 3 other comparable properties or more, just in case this one does not quite fit the bill, or if, maybe, there is a better deal out there.  

Not to mention you will need proof of funds (whether cash or credit), if you fall in love with the property, and want to make an offer right away. Just think how frustrating it might be to find the right house, and somebody else grabs it just before you do, because you did not take the time to do your homework concerning financing. I just witnessed some buyers missing out on a wonderful deal (a great price for a property they loved) because they were one hour late getting pre approved!  That's enough to make an old man cry.

Looking at the property itself is most likely the most important step to take when looking for real estate: maybe the pictures, videos, and background music were great on the internet,  but you need to see it for real, to avoid any nasty surprises.  And in order to do that, please take the time to make an appointment through your agent to actually look at several properties.  Those will most likely be your most productive 2 to 3 hours spent in your lifetime.